Studio Stress???

Studio Stress???

I just read an interesting article about “Understanding Studio Stress”.  I’m feeling fortunate that I don’t recall every having this or even thinking much about it. My M.O. usually involves approaching the easel, cranking up the music and I immediately just fall into “my zone”… therapy, breathing exercises, pill popping or beating off the wolf at the door. Hello, darl’in !
Maybe it’s because I choose to paint ‘happy little places’ that allow me to live within their little nooks and crannies.  Or, maybe I am just simple minded by nature. For me ‘getting into’ a creative mode comes naturally and I love living in that little world.

My only major battle involves the ‘selling of art’….Me thinks, this comes from my many years of being a sales rep. In the past I have been discouraged when I allow myself to look at all the finished & in progress paintings that I have on hand….the devil jumps out ever so often and says “why are you creating more paintings when you have all these on hand?”  Then, years Gary Duncan Art | Andy Warhol Photoago, I came across a quote that I have convinced myself to live by:

“Don’t think about making art,  just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
― Andy Warhol


Not that it’s a prerequisite or a directive, but I strive to paint 100 paintings a year. It’s sort of a goal, I guess, but I really don’t keep record or track it much.  Of these 100 paintings many will be for sale and have a price tag on them, I donate, I gift to friends, I demo at classes and so on.  And, ultimately, the most rewarding ones are the ones that “speak to” someone life.  Yes, it is a warm reward when someone parts with hard earned money and purchases my art….but more importantly to me…it’s that occasional one that generates a tear of joy or sorrow, a down deep smile, a feeling…a remembrance that is embraced.  So, thus I keep on painting and  making art……..I’m a lucky man.

TESTIMONIAL: Gary Duncan Art | Commissioned Painting for Diane Chipps Carrel - Spring 2016

Love the Warhol quote. And you hit the nail on the head with “And, ultimately, the most rewarding ones are the ones that “speak to someone’s life. ” You did that for me. Every time I look at the painting you did for me, I travel back to a simpler time when both of my boys needed me at the same time. With a 13-year spread between the boys, that special time was very short, but now I have something that reminds me of it every day. Thank you, Gary    

~ Diane Chipps Carrel

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  1. Excellent article! I have always found creating art to be my stress-reliever, not the other way around. I just wish I had more time to spend in my studio.

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