On Fire ~ In The Studio

On Fire ~ In The Studio

It is mid November and we have had some awesomely wonderful fall weather that has continued into the winter season.  Average daytime temps have been in 60’s and 70’s with overnight lows in the 40’s.  I don’t really need to burn the fireplace for heat, BUT, there is something about a wood fire that warms my soul. I love the ambience, the sound, the smell, the romance. I even actually enjoy the back breaking work of gathering, splitting and stacking firewood. There is nothing ugly about a wood pile and I smile in appreciation as I view them out the window on a cold winters day.

When designing my studio space a stone faced fireplace was one of the main components in mind, 2nd in priority only behind a large north facing window with awesome lighting, where stands my studio easel. Feeling comfortable in your space is of utmost importance to maintain the ‘mood & the mode’ !

I have my great grandfather’s old handmade rocking chair that resides beside it where I can view my work from a distance…..its where the ‘big decisions’ are made as a painting develops.

As an oil painter, I tried to research the safety factor of having open containers of paint thinner and other flammable liquids in proximity…and, didn’t really find anything telling me not to do it. The fireplace itself brings in outside air for combustion in the firebox and it is a pretty hi-tech airtight unit with a large glass viewing area.

Anyway, I truly enjoy a wood fire going in my studio as I work during the winter months, which is my most productive time of year. Most of my paintings are landscapes of earthy tones and atmospheric feelings of the great outdoors – with possibly a small hint of wood smoke, if you have an acute sense of smell.

Maybe it is morbid to think of how one will pass on into the afterlife, but if truthful, we have all likely thought about it…. “He blew himself up – while sitting at his easel”….seems to be a pretty good way to go to me.